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Section Database
Module irc2sql
Author Anope


Stores channel and user statistics in a MySQL database. It creates a new pseudo-client called StatServ.

  • Enabeled/Disabeled using the ./extras command line configuration tool, as 'stats'.

service {...} 
Name of the new service
User (ident) for the new service user
Hostname for the new service user
Realname for the new service user
default modes for this new service user
Channels that the new service user joins automatically
module {...} 
module name
Service to connect with
the SQL backend engine, currently requires MySQL v 5.5 via the m_mysql module.
Table prefix for the data storage tables.
"Country" or "City" are the only options, Country is smaller than the City. USed to decide where a person it.
Should it ctcp version a user when they connect
Should it ctcp version a user when services reconnects to a server, or a netsplit server returns

Default Configuration

 * Example configuration file for the irc2sql gateway
         * The name of the StatServ client.
        nick = "StatServ"
         * The username of the StatServ client.
        user = "StatServ"
         * The hostname of the StatServ client.
        host = "services.host"
         * The realname of the StatServ client.
        gecos = "Statistical Service"
         * The modes this client should use.
         * Do not modify this unless you know what you are doing.
         * These modes are very IRCd specific. If left commented, sane defaults
         * are used based on what protocol module you have loaded.
         * Note that setting this option incorrectly could potentially BREAK some, if
         * not all, usefulness of the client. We will not support you if this client is
         * unable to do certain things if this option is enabled.
        #modes = "+o"
         * An optional comma separated list of channels this service should join. Outside
         * of log channels this is not very useful, as the service will just idle in the
         * specified channels, and will not accept any types of commands.
         * Prefixes may be given to the channels in the form of mode characters or prefix symbols.
        #channels = "@#services,#mychan"
        name = "irc2sql"
         * The name of the client that should send the CTCP VERSION requests.
         * It must already exist or must be defined in the following service block.
        client = "StatServ"
         * The name of the SQL engine to use.
         * This must be MySQL and must match the name in the mysql{} block
        engine = "mysql/main"
         * An optional prefix to prepended to the name of each created table.
         * Do not use the same prefix for other programs.
        prefix = "anope_"
         * GeoIP - Automatically adds users geoip location to the user table.
         * Tables are created by irc2sql, you have to run the
         * geoipupdate script after you started Anope to download
         * and import the GeoIP database.
         * The geoip database can be the smaller "country" database or the
         * larger "city" database. Comment to disable geoip lookup.
        geoip_database = "country"
         * Get the CTCP version from users
         * The users connecting to the network will receive a CTCP VERSION
         * request from the above configured services client
        ctcpuser = "yes"
         * Send out CTCP VERSION requests to users during burst.
         * Disable this if you restart Anope often and don't want to
         * annoy your users.
        ctcpeob = "yes"