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Section Extra_Modules
Module m_dns
Author Anope


Adds support for the DNS protocol. By itself this module does nothing useful, but other modules such as m_dnsbl and os_dns require this.

The name of this module, referenced by other modules. Do not change.
The nameserver to query. Use either the IP address of the name server or use the local machine's /etc/resolv.conf configuration file (on linux/unix) to use the system's default name server(s).
Timeout before the name server request fails. Do not set this too high or you will lag out services if you get a lot of DNS lookup queries.
The IP address to listen on for queries. Leave it unless you know what you are doing, or are using the os_DNS module.
The port to listen on. The default (aka standard) DNS port is 53. Do not change this unless you really know what you are doing.
This should be your DNS contact person.
This is where your zone files reside and are served out to others.
Time, in seconds, that a server beyond your direct control can keep a local copy of your DNS looked up reconrd before having to re-request them from your name servers. Set this too low, your name servers will see a large increase in traffic, set it too high and changes can take a long time to be seen.
notify {...} 
What other name servers should be told, directly, or changes you have made.
What IP address of the name server to notify.
What port should you do this notification on.

Default Configuration

 * m_dns
 * Adds support for the DNS protocol. By itself this module does nothing useful,
 * but other modules such as m_dnsbl and os_dns require this.
        name = "m_dns"
         * The nameserver to use for resolving hostnames, must be an IP or a resolver configuration file.
         * The below should work fine on all unix like systems. Windows users will have to find their nameservers
         * from ipconfig /all and put the IP here.
        nameserver = "/etc/resolv.conf"
        #nameserver = ""
         * How long to wait in seconds before a DNS query has timed out.
        timeout = 5
        /* Only edit below if you are expecting to use os_dns or otherwise answer DNS queries. */
         * The IP and port services use to listen for DNS queries.
         * Note that ports less than 1024 are privileged on UNIX/Linux systems, and
         * require Anope to be started as root. If you do this, it is recommended you
         * set options:user and options:group so Anope can change users after binding
         * to this port.
        ip = ""
        port = 53
         * SOA record information.
        /* E-mail address of the DNS administrator. */
        admin = "admin@example.com"
        /* This should be the names of the public facing nameservers serving the records. */
        nameservers = "ns1.example.com ns2.example.com"
        /* The time slave servers are allowed to cache. This should be reasonably low
         * if you want your records to be updated without much delay.
        refresh = 3600
        /* A notify block. There should probably be one per nameserver listed in 'nameservers'.
                ip = ""
                port = 53