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Service NickServ
Module ns_access
Author Anope


Modifies or displays the access list for your nick. This is the list of addresses which will be automatically recognized by NickServ as allowed to use the nick. If you want to use the nick from a different address, you meed to send an IDENTIFY command to make NickServ recognize you. Services Operators may provide a nick to modify other users' access lists.


access ADD [nickname] mask

access DEL [nickname] mask

access LIST [nickname]


/msg NickServ ACCESS ADD anyone@*.bepeg.com Allows access to user anyone from any machine in the bepeg.com domain.
/msg NickServ ACCESS DEL anyone@*.bepeg.com Reverses the previous command.
/msg NickServ ACCESS LIST Displays the current access list.

Default Configuration

 * ns_access
 * Provides the command nickserv/access.
 * Used for configuring what hosts have access to your account.
        name = "ns_access"
         * The maximum number of entries allowed on a nickname's access list.
         * If not set, the default is 32. This number cannot be set to 0.
        accessmax = 32
         * If set, Services will add the usermask of registering users to the access list of their
         * newly created account. If not set, users will always have to identify to NickServ before
         * being recognized, unless they manually add an address to the access list of their account.
         * This directive is optional.
        addaccessonreg = yes
command { service = "NickServ"; name = "ACCESS"; command = "nickserv/access"; }