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Service NickServ
Module ns_suspend
Author Anope


Suspends a registered nickname, which prevents it from being used while keeping all the data for that nick. If an expiry is given the nick will be unsuspended after that period of time, else the default expiry from the configuration is used.

Access to this command requires the permission nickserv/suspend to be present in your opertype.


suspend nickname [+expiry] [reason]


/msg NickServ SUSPEND Fred +10d Needs a timeout from assisting people.

Default Configuration

 * ns_suspend
 * Provides the commands nickserv/suspend and nickserv/unsuspend.
 * Used to suspend and unsuspend nicknames. Suspended nicknames can not be used but their settings are preserved.
        name = "ns_suspend"
         * The length of time before a suspended nick becomes unsuspended.
         * This directive is optional. If not set, the default is never.
        #suspendexpire = 90d
command { service = "NickServ"; name = "SUSPEND"; command = "nickserv/suspend"; permission = "nickserv/suspend"; group = "nickserv/admin"; }
command { service = "NickServ"; name = "UNSUSPEND"; command = "nickserv/unsuspend"; permission = "nickserv/suspend"; group = "nickserv/admin"; }