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Service BotServ
Module bs_bot
Author Anope


Allows Services Operators to create, modify, and delete bots that users will be able to use on their own channels.

Note: you cannot create a bot that has a nick that is currently registered. If an unregistered user is currently using the nick, they will be killed.


bot ADD nick user host real
adds a bot with the given nickname, username, hostname and realname. Since no integrity checks are done for these settings, be really careful.
bot CHANGE oldnick newnick [user [host [real] ] ]
allows to change the nickname, username, hostname or realname of a bot without actually having to delete it (and all the data associated with it).
bot DEL nick
removes the given bot from the bot list.


/msg BotServ BOT ADD FredBot Freds freds.bot.host Fred_Who?

/msg BotServ BOT CHANGE FredBot FreddyBot

/msg BotServ BOT DEL FredBot

Default Configuration

 * bs_bot
 * Provides the command botserv/bot.
 * Used for administrating BotServ bots.
module { name = "bs_bot" }
command { service = "BotServ"; name = "BOT"; command = "botserv/bot"; }