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Service ChanServ
Module cs_ban
Author Anope


Bans a given nick or mask on a channel. An optional expiry may be given to cause services to remove the ban after a set amount of time.

By default, limited to AOPs or those with level 5 access and above on the channel. Channel founders may ban masks.


ban channel [+expiry] {nick | mask} [reason]


/msg ChanServ BAN #myChannel +1h Fred Go cool off before returning.

/msg ChanServ BAN #myChannel Fred@*.example.com You are no longer welcome here.

Default Configuration

 * cs_ban
 * Provides the command chanserv/ban.
 * Used for banning users from channels.
module { name = "cs_ban" }
command { service = "ChanServ"; name = "BAN"; command = "chanserv/ban"; }