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Service ChanServ
Module cs_seen
Author Anope


Checks for the last time nick was seen joining, leaving, or changing nick on the network and tells you when and, depending on channel or user settings, where it was.

NOTE: This command can be enabled for use by Channel operators by adding a command entry in the ChanServ configuration similar to this one:

command { service = "ChanServ"; name = "SEEN"; command = "chanserv/seen"; permission = "chanserv/management"; }

It is not enabled by default.


SEEN nickname


/msg OperServ SEEN fred

Default Configuration

 * cs_seen
 * Provides the commands chanserv/seen and operserv/seen.
 * Records the last time a user was seen and what they were doing and allows users to request this data.
 * Also allows administrators to view stats about seen data and purge the database.
        name = "cs_seen"
        /* If set, uses the older 1.8 style seen, which is less resource intensive */
        simple = false
        /* Sets the time to keep seen entries in the seen database. */
        purgetime = "30d"
        /* Sets the delay between checks for expired seen entries. */
        expiretimeout = "1d"
command { service = "OperServ"; name = "SEEN"; command = "operserv/seen"; permission = "operserv/seen"; }