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Service ChanServ
Module cs_topic
Author Anope


Allows manipulating the topic of the specified channel.


topic channel SET [topic]
The SET command changes the topic of the channel to the given topic or unsets the topic if no topic is given.
topic channel APPEND topic
The APPEND command appends the given topic to the existing topic.
topic channel [UNLOCK|LOCK]
LOCK and UNLOCK may be used to enable and disable topic lock. When topic lock is set, the channel topic will be unchangeable except via this command.


/msg ChanServ TOPIC #myChannel SET Eat at Joe's!

/msg ChanServ TOPIC #myChannel APPEND Happy Hour from 4 to 6pm.

/msg ChanSerc TOPIC #myChannel LOCK

Default Configuration

 * cs_topic
 * Provides the commands:
 *   chanserv/topic - Used for changing the channel topic. Useful in conjunction with chanserv/set/topiclock.
 *   chanserv/set/keeptopic - Used for configuring if ChanServ is to restore the channel topic when a channel is created.
module { name = "cs_topic" }
command { service = "ChanServ"; name = "TOPIC"; command = "chanserv/topic"; group = "chanserv/management"; }
command { service = "ChanServ"; name = "SET KEEPTOPIC"; command = "chanserv/set/keeptopic"; }