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Service HostServ
Module hs_list
Author Anope


This command lists registered vhosts to the operator if a key is specified, only entries whos nick or vhost match the pattern given in key are displayed e.g. Rob* for all entries beginning with "Rob"

If a #X-Y style is used, only entries between the range of X and Y will be displayed, e.g. #1-3 will display the first 3 nick/vhost entries.

NOTE: Access to this command requires the permission hostserv/list to be present in your opertype.


list [key|#X-Y]


/msg HostServ LIST

Default Configuration

 * hs_list
 * Provides the command hostserv/list.
 * Used for listing actively set vHosts.
module { name = "hs_list" }
command { service = "HostServ"; name = "LIST"; command = "hostserv/list"; permission = "hostserv/list"; }