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Section Database
Module m_sql_authentication
Author Anope


This modules interfaces services with a SQL backend, such as Mysql, Redis, or SQLite, to manage users.

  • Enabeled/Disabeled using the ./extra command line configuration tool.
  • NOTE: Requres a SQL backend module to be present and properly configured.
Name of module
Name of backend method to use
The command used to get the data from the backend database.
Reason to display while preventing users from registering nicks via nickserv. They will need to be created in another method (such as forum registration, etc).
Reason to display when preventing users from changing their email address. They will need alternative methods to update email address, such as via forum profile changes.

Default Configuration

 * m_sql_authentication [EXTRA]
 * This module allows authenticating users against an external SQL database using a custom
 * query.
        name = "m_sql_authentication"
        /* SQL engine to use. Should be configured elsewhere with m_mysql, m_sqlite, etc. */
        engine = "mysql/main"
        /* Query to execute to authenticate. A non empty result from this query is considered a success,
         * and the user will be authenticated.
         * @a@ is replaced with the user's account name
         * @p@ is replaced with the user's password
         * @n@ is replaced with the user's nickname
         * @i@ is replaced with the user's IP
         * Note that @n@ and @i@ may not always exist in the case of a user identifying outside of the normal
         * nickserv/identify command, such as through the web panel.
         * Furthermore, if a field named email is returned from this query the user's email is
         * set to its value.
         * We've included some example queries for some popular website/forum systems.
         * Drupal 6: "SELECT `mail` AS `email` FROM `users` WHERE `name` = @a@ AND `pass` = MD5(@p@) AND `status` = 1"
         * e107 cms: "SELECT `user_email` AS `email` FROM `e107_user` WHERE `user_loginname` = @a@ AND `user_password` = MD5(@p@)"
         * SMF Forum: "SELECT `email_address` AS `email` FROM `smf_members` WHERE `member_name` = @a@ AND `passwd` = SHA1(CONCAT(LOWER(@a@), @p@)
         * vBulletin: "SELECT `email` FROM `user` WHERE `username` = @a@ AND `password` = MD5(CONCAT(MD5(@p@), `salt`))"
         * IP.Board: "SELECT `email` FROM `ibf_members` WHERE `name` = @a@ AND `members_pass_hash` = MD5(CONCAT(MD5(`members_pass_salt`), MD5(@p@
        query = "SELECT `email_addr` AS `email` FROM `my_users` WHERE `username` = @a@ AND `password` = MD5(CONCAT('salt', @p@))"
         * If set, the reason to give the users who try to "/msg NickServ REGISTER".
         * If not set, then registration is not blocked.
        #disable_reason = "To register on this network visit http://some.misconfigured.site/register"
         * If set, the reason to give the users who try to "/msg NickServ SET EMAIL".
         * If not set, then email changing is not blocked.
        #disable_email_reason = "To change your email address visit http://some.misconfigured.site"