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Service MemoServ
Module ms_rsend
Author Anope


Sends the named nick or channel a memo containing memo-text. When sending to a nickname, the recipient will receive a notice that he/she has a new memo. The target nickname/channel must be registered. Once the memo is read by its recipient, an automatic notification memo will be sent to the sender informing him/her that the memo has been read.

NOTE: This is disabled by default.


rsend {nick | channel} memo-text


/msg MemoServ RSEND Fred Change your Ident before returning. We do not allow hate language here. Ident: Nazi

Default Configuration

 * ms_rsend
 * Provides the command memoserv/rsend.
 * Used to send a memo requiring a receipt be sent back once it is read.
 * Requires configuring memoserv:memoreceipt.
        name = "ms_rsend"
         * Only allow Services Operators to use ms_rsend.
         * This directive is optional.
        operonly = false
#command { service = "MemoServ"; name = "RSEND"; command = "memoserv/rsend"; }