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Service NickServ
Module ns_logout
Author Anope


Without a parameter, reverses the effect of the IDENTIFY command, i.e. make you not recognized as the real owner of the nick anymore. Note, however, that you won't be asked to reidentify yourself.

With a parameter, does the same for the given nick. If you specify REVALIDATE as well, Services will ask the given nick to re-identify. This is limited to Services Operators.


logout [nickname [REVALIDATE]]


/msg NickServ logout

Default Configuration

 * ns_logout
 * Provides the command nickserv/logout.                                                                          
 * Used for logging out of your account.                                                                          
module { name = "ns_logout" }                                                                                     
command { service = "NickServ"; name = "LOGOUT"; command = "nickserv/logout"; }