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Service NickServ
Module ns_register
Author Anope


Registers your nickname in the NickServ database. Once your nick is registered, you can use the SET and ACCESS commands to configure your nick's settings as you like them. Make sure you remember the password you use when registering - you'll need it to make changes to your nick later. (Note that case matters! ANOPE, Anope, and anope are all different passwords!)

Guidelines on choosing passwords:

Passwords should not be easily guessable. For example, using your real name as a password is a bad idea. Using your nickname as a password is a much worse idea ;) and, in fact, NickServ will not allow it. Also, short passwords are vulnerable to trial-and-error searches, so you should choose a password at least 5 characters long. Finally, the space character cannot be used in passwords.

This command also creates a new group for your nickname, that will allow you to register other nicks later sharing the same configuration, the same set of memos and the same channel privileges.


register password email


/msg NickServ register MyPassword fred@example.com

Default Configuration

 * ns_register                                                                                                    
 * Provides the commands nickserv/confirm, nickserv/register, and nickserv/resend.                                
 * Used for registering accounts.                                                                                 
        name = "ns_register"                                                                                      
         * Registration confirmation setting. Set to "none" for no registration confirmation,                     
         * "mail" for email confirmation, and "admin" to have services operators manually confirm                 
         * every registration. Set to "disable" to completely disable all registrations.                          
        registration = "none"                                                                                     
         * The minimum length of time between consecutive uses of NickServ's RESEND command.                      
         * This directive is optional, but recommended. If not set, this restriction will be disabled.            
        resenddelay = 90s                                                                                         
         * Prevents users from registering their nick if they are not connected                                   
         * for at least the given number of seconds.                                                              
         * This directive is optional.                                                                            
        #nickregdelay = 30s                                                                                       
         * The length of time a user using an unconfirmed account has                                             
         * before the account will be released for general use again.                                             
        #unconfirmedexpire = 1d                                                                                   
command { service = "NickServ"; name = "CONFIRM"; command = "nickserv/confirm"; }                                 
command { service = "NickServ"; name = "REGISTER"; command = "nickserv/register"; }                               
command { service = "NickServ"; name = "RESEND"; command = "nickserv/resend"; }