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Service OperServ
Module os_akill
Author Anope


Allows Services Operators to manipulate the AKILL list. If a user matching an AKILL mask attempts to connect, Services will issue a KILL for that user and, on supported server types, will instruct all servers to add a ban for the mask which the user matched.

NOTE: Access to this command requires the permission operserv/akill to be present in your opertype.


akill ADD [+expiry] mask reason
adds the given mask to the AKILL list for the given reason, which must be given. Mask should be in the format of nick!user@host#real name, though all that is required is user@host. If a real name is specified, the reason must be prepended with a :. expiry is specified as an integer followed by one of d (days), h (hours), or m (minutes). Combinations (such as 1h30m) are not permitted. If a unit specifier is not included, the default is days (so +30 by itself means 30 days). To add an AKILL which does not expire, use +0. If the usermask to be added starts with a +, an expiry time must be given, even if it is the same as the default. The current AKILL default expiry time can be found with the STATS AKILL command.
akill DEL {mask | entry-num | list | id}
removes the given mask from the AKILL list if it is present. If a list of entry numbers is given, those entries are deleted.
akill LIST [mask | list | id]
displays the AKILL list. If a wildcard mask is given, only those entries matching the mask are displayed. If a list of entry numbers is given, only those entries are shown
akill VIEW [mask | list | id]
a more verbose version of AKILL LIST, and will show who added an AKILL, the date it was added, and when it expires, as well as the user@host/ip mask and reason.
akill CLEAR
clears all entries of the AKILL list.


/msg OperServ AKILL ADD *@*.evil.com Evil is not welcome here.

/msg OperServ AKILL DEL 1

/msg OperServ AKILL LIST

/msg OperServ AKILL VIEW 3

/msg OperServ AKILL CLEAR

Default Configuration

 * os_akill
 * Provides the command operserv/akill.
 * Used to ban users from the network.
module { name = "os_akill" }
command { service = "OperServ"; name = "AKILL"; command = "operserv/akill"; permission = "operserv/akill"; }