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Service OperServ
Module os_dns
Author Anope


This command allows managing DNS zones used for controlling what servers users are directed to when connecting. Omitting all parameters prints out the status of the DNS zone.

adds/removes a zone, eg us.yournetwork.tld. Servers can then be added to this zone with the ADDSERVER command.
adds/removes a server to the given zone. When a query is done, the zone in question is served if it exists, else all servers in all zones are served. A server may be in more than one zone.
associates/disassociates an IP with a server.
adds or remove servers to their given zones.
  • NOTE: This module is disabled by default.


ADDZONE zone.name
DELZONE zone.name
ADDSERVER server.name [zone.name]
DELSERVER server.name [zone.name]
ADDIP server.name ip.address
DELIP server.name ip.address
SET server.name option value
POOL server.name
DEPOOL server.name


/msg OperServ DNS ADDZONE fred.com

/msg OperServ DNS ADDSERVER server1.fred.com fred.com

/msg OperServ DNS ADDIP server1.fred.com

/msg OperServ DNS POOL server1.fred.com

/msg OperServ DNS SET LIMIT server1.fred.com 200

/msg OperServ DNS

Default Configuration

 * os_dns
 * Provides the command operserv/dns.
 * This module requires that m_dns is loaded.
 * This module allows controlling a DNS zone. This is useful for
 * controlling what servers users are placed on for load balancing,
 * and to automatically remove split servers.
 * To use this module you must set a nameserver record for services
 * so that DNS queries go to services.
 * Alternatively, you may use a slave DNS server to hide service's IP,
 * provide query caching, and provide better fault tolerance.
 * To do this using BIND, configure similar to:
 * options { max-refresh-time 60; };
 * zone "irc.example.com" IN {
 *   type slave;
 *   masters { port 5353; };
 * };
 * Where is the IP and port services are listening on.
 * We recommend you externally firewall both UDP and TCP to the port
 * Anope is listening on.
 * Finally set a NS record for irc.example.com. to BIND or services.
        name = "os_dns"
        /* TTL for records. This should be very low if your records change often. */
        ttl = 1m
        /* If a server drops this many users the server is automatically removed from the DNS zone.
         * This directive is optional.
        user_drop_mark = 50
        /* The time used for user_drop_mark. */
        user_drop_time = 1m
        /* When a server is removed from the zone for dropping users, it is readded after this time.
         * This directive is optional.
        user_drop_readd_time = 5m
        /* If set, when a server splits, it is automatically removed from the zone. */
        remove_split_servers = yes
        /* If set, when a server connects to the network, it will be automatically added to
         * the zone if it is a known server.
        readd_connected_servers = no
#command { service = "OperServ"; name = "DNS"; command = "operserv/dns"; permission = "operserv/dns"; }