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Service OperServ
Module os_ignore
Author Anope


Allows Services Operators to make Services ignore a nick or mask for a certain time or until the next restart. The default time format is seconds. You can specify it by using units. Valid units are: s for seconds, m for minutes, h for hours and d for days. Combinations of these units are not permitted. To make Services permanently ignore the user, type 0 as time. When adding a mask, it should be in the format nick!user@host, everything else will be considered a nick. Wildcards are permitted.

Ignores will not be enforced on IRC Operators.

NOTE: Access to this command requires the permission operserv/ignore to be present in your opertype.


ignore ADD expiry {nick|mask} [reason]
ignore DEL {nick|mask}
ignore LIST
ignore CLEAR


/msg OperServ IGNORE ADD 365d Fred Abusing services. Blocked for 1 year.

/msg OperServ IGNORE DEL Fred

/msg OperServ IGNORE LIST

/msg OperServ IGNORE CLEAR

Default Configuration

 * os_ignore
 * Provides the command operserv/ignore.
 * Used to make Services ignore users.
module { name = "os_ignore" }
command { service = "OperServ"; name = "IGNORE"; command = "operserv/ignore"; permission = "operserv/ignore"; }