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Service OperServ
Module os_oline
Author Anope


Allows Services Operators to give Operflags to any user. Flags have to be prefixed with a "+" or a "-". To remove all flags simply type a "-" instead of any flags.

  • NOTE: Access to this command requires the permission operserv/oline to be present in your opertype.


oline nick glags


/msg OperServ OLINE Fred +kKbB

Default Configuration

 * os_oline
 * Provides the command operserv/oline.
 * Used to set oper flags on users, and is specific to UnrealIRCd.
 * See /helpop ?svso on your IRCd for more information.
module { name = "os_oline" }
command { service = "OperServ"; name = "OLINE"; command = "operserv/oline"; permission = "operserv/oline"; }