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Service OperServ
Module os_oper
Author Anope


Allows you to change and view Services Operators. Note that operators removed by this command but are still set in the configuration file are not permanently affected by this.

  • NOTE: Access to this command requires the permission operserv/oper to be present in your opertype.


oper ADD oper type
oper DEL oper
oper INFO type
oper LIST


/msg OperServ OPER ADD Fred Services Administrator

/msg OperServ OPER DEL Fredd

/msg OperServ OPER INTO Services Root

/msg OperServer OPER LIST

Default Configuration

 * os_oper
 * Provides the command operserv/oper.
 * Used to configure opers and show information about opertypes.
module { name = "os_oper" }
command { service = "OperServ"; name = "OPER"; command = "operserv/oper"; permission = "operserv/oper"; }