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Provided Commands Description Syntax
ns_access ACCESS Modify the list of authorized addresses ACCESS ADD [nickname] mask
ACCESS DEL [nickname] mask
ACCESS LIST [nickname]
ns_ajoin AJOIN Manage your auto join list AJOIN ADD [nickname] channel [key]
AJOIN DEL [nickname] channel
AJOIN LIST [nickname]
ns_alist ALIST List channels you have access on ALIST [nickname]
ns_cert CERT Modify the nickname client certificate list CERT ADD [nickname] fingerprint
CERT DEL [nickname] fingerprint
CERT LIST [nickname]
ns_confirm CONFIRM Confirm a passcode CONFIRM passcode
ns_drop DROP Cancel the registration of a nickname DROP nickname
ns_getemail GETEMAIL
ns_getpass GETPASS
ns_group GROUP Join a group GROUP target password
UNGROUP Remove a nick from a group UNGROUP [nick]
TestModule Command 1 Description 1 Syntax 1
Command 2 Description 2 Syntax 2
ns_identify IDENTIFY Identify yourself with your password IDENTIFY [account] password
ns_info INFO displays information about a given nickname INFO [nickname]
ns_logout LOGOUT Reverses the effect of the IDENTIFY command LOGOUT [nickname [REVALIDATE
ns_recover RECOVER Regains control of your nick RECOVER nickname [password]
ns_register REGISTER Register a nickname REGISTER password email
ns_resetpass RESETPASS Helps you reset lost passwords
ns_set SET Set options, including kill protection
ns_set_misc Allows to add additional SET options (like ICQ, AIM, etc) that can be displayed in ns_info
ns_status STATUS Returns the owner status of the given nickname
ns_suspend SUSPEND Suspends a registered nickname, which prevents it from being used
ns_update UPDATE Updates your current status, i.e. it checks for new memos




Provided Commands Description Syntax
bs_control ACT Makes the bot do the equivalent of a "/me" command
SAY Makes the bot say the given text on the given channel
bs_assign ASSIGN Assigns a bot to a channel
bs_badwords BADWORDS Maintains the bad words list
bs_bot BOT Maintains network bot list
2.0/Modules/bs_botlist BOTLIST Lists available bots
bs_info INFO Allows you to see BotServ information about a channel or a bot
bs_kick KICK Configures kickers
bs_set SET Configures bot options
bs_unassign UNASSIGN Unassigns a bot from a channel




Provided Commands Description Syntax
hs_del DEL Delete the vhost of another user
DELALL Delete the vhost for all nicks in a group
hs_group GROUP Syncs the vhost for all nicks in a group
hs_list LIST Displays one or more vhost entries
hs_off OFF Deactivates your assigned vhost
hs_on ON Activates your assigned vhost
hs_request ACTIVATE Approve the requested vHost of a user
REJECT Reject the requested vHost of a user
REQUEST Request a vHost for your nick
WAITING Retrieves the vhost requests
hs_set SET Set the vhost of another user
SETALL Set the vhost for all nicks in a group






Extra Modules

Stats Modules