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Provided Commands Description Syntax
ns_access ACCESS Modify the list of authorized addresses ACCESS ADD [nickname] mask
ACCESS DEL [nickname] mask
ACCESS LIST [nickname]
ns_ajoin AJOIN Manage your auto join list AJOIN ADD [nickname] channel [key]
AJOIN DEL [nickname] channel
AJOIN LIST [nickname]
ns_alist ALIST List channels you have access on ALIST [nickname]
ns_cert CERT Modify the nickname client certificate list CERT ADD [nickname] fingerprint
CERT DEL [nickname] fingerprint
CERT LIST [nickname]
ns_confirm CONFIRM Confirm a passcode CONFIRM passcode
ns_drop DROP Cancel the registration of a nickname DROP nickname
ns_getemail GETEMAIL Returns the matching nicks that used given email GETEMAIL email
ns_getpass GETPASS Returns the password for the given nickname GETPASS nickname
ns_group GROUP Join a group GROUP target password
UNGROUP Remove a nick from a group UNGROUP [nick]
ns_identify IDENTIFY Identify yourself with your password IDENTIFY [account] password
ns_info INFO displays information about a given nickname INFO [nickname]
ns_logout LOGOUT Reverses the effect of the IDENTIFY command LOGOUT [nickname [REVALIDATE] ]
ns_recover RECOVER Regains control of your nick RECOVER nickname [password]
RELEASE RELEASE nickname [password]
GHOST GHOST nickname [password]
ns_register REGISTER Register a nickname REGISTER password email
ns_resetpass RESETPASS Helps you reset lost passwords RESETPASS Nickname email
ns_set SET Set options, including kill protection. SET options
ns_set_misc SET Allows to add additional SET options (like ICQ, AIM, etc) that can be displayed in ns_info SET options
ns_status STATUS Returns the owner status of the given nickname STATUS nickname
ns_suspend SUSPEND Suspends or Un-Suspens a registered nickname, which prevents/allows it to be used SUSPEND nickanme
ns_update UPDATE Updates your current status, i.e. it checks for new memos UPDATE



Provided Commands Description Syntax
cs_access ACCESS Modify the list of privileged users ACCESS #channel ADD mask level
ACCESS #channel DEL {mask or entry-num or list}
ACCESS #channel LIST [mask or list]
ACCESS #channel VIEW [mask or list]
cs_akick AKICK Maintain the AutoKick list AKICK #channel ADD {nick or mask} [reason]
AKICK #channel DEL {nick or mask or entry-num or list}
AKICK #channel LIST [mask or entry-num or list]
AKICK #channel VIEW [mask or entry-num or list]
AKICK #channel CLEAR
cs_xop AOP
Manage the channel xOP lists xOP #channel ADD mask
xOP #channel DEL {mask or entry-num or list}
xOP #channel LIST [mask or list]
xOP #channel CLEAR
cs_ban BAN Bans a nick or hostmask from a channel BAN #channel [+expiry] {nick or mask} [reason]
cs_clone CLONE Copy all settings from one channel to another CLONE #channel #target [what]
cs_drop DROP Unregisters the named channel DROP #channel
cs_enforce ENFORCE Enforce various channel modes and set options ENFORCE #channel what
cs_entrymsg ENTRYMSG Manage the channel's entry messages ENTRYMSG #channel ADD message
ENTRYMSG #channel DEL num
cs_flags FLAGS Modify the list of privileged users FLAGS #channel MODIFY mask changes
FLAGS #channel LIST [mask or +flags]
FLAGS #channel CLEAR
cs_getkey GETKEY Returns the key of the given channel GETKEY #channel
cs_info INFO Returns information about the given channel INFO #channel
cs_invite INVITE Invites you or someone else into the channel INVITE #channel [nick]
cs_kick KICK Kicks a specified nick or hostmask from the channel KICK #channel {nick or mask}
cs_core Internal configuration and definitions.
cs_list LIST Give you a list of channels based on the pattern given LIST pattern [SUSPENDED] [NOEXPIRE]
cs_log LOG Configures channel logging settings LOG #channel [command method [status] ]
cs_mode MODE
Control modes and mode locks on a channel MODE #channel LOCK {ADD or DEL or SET or LIST} [what]
MODE #channel SET modes
MODE #channel CLEAR
OWNER #channel [nick]
DEOWNER #channel [nick]
PROTECT #channel [nick]
DEPROTECT #channel [nick]
OP #channel [nick]
DEOP #channel [nick]
HALFOP #channel [nick]
DEHALFOP #channel [nick]
VOICE #channel [nick]
DEVOICE #channel [nick]
cs_register REGISTER Registers a channel REGISTER #channel description
cs_set SET Set channel options and information SET #channel options
cs_set_misc SET Set channel options and information
cs_status STATUS Tells you the users access on a channel STATUS #channel [user]
cs_suspend SUSPEND
Prevents or releases a channel from being used preserving channel data and settings SUSPEND #channel [+expiry] [reason]
UNSUSPEND #channel
cs_sync SYNC Sync users channel modes SYNC #channel
cs_topic TOPIC Manipulate the topic of the specified channel TOPIC #channel SET message
TOPIC #channel APPEND message
TOPIC #channel {LOCK or UNLOCK}
cs_unban UNBAN Remove all bans preventing a user from entering a channel UNBAN #channel [nick]
cs_updown UP
Updates a selected nicks status on a channel UP [#channel [nick] ]
DOWN [#channel [nick] ]
cs_seen Provides the OperServ statistics for seen users in a channel
cs_statusupdate Automatically updates users status on channels when the access list is modified



Provided Commands Description Syntax
bs_control ACT Makes the bot do the equivalent of a "/me" command ACT #channel text
SAY Makes the bot say the given text on the given channel SAY #channel action
bs_assign ASSIGN Assigns a bot to a channel ASSIGN #channel BotNick
UNASSIGN Unassigns a bot from a channel UNASSIGN #channel
bs_badwords BADWORDS Maintains the bad words list BASWORDS #channel ADD word [SINGLE or START or END]
BADWORDS #channel DEL {word or entry-num or list}
BADWORDS #channel LIST [mask or list]
bs_bot BOT Maintains network bot list BOT ADD nick user host real
BOT CHANGE oldnick newnick [user [host [real] ] ]
BOT DEL nick
bs_botlist BOTLIST Lists available bots BOTLIST
bs_info INFO Allows you to see BotServ information about a channel or a bot INFO {#channel or nick}
bs_kick KICK Configures kickers KICK AMSG #channel {ON or OFF} [tbb]
KICK BADWORDS #channel {ON or OFF} [tbb]
KICK BOLDS #channel {ON or OFF} [tbb]
KICK CAPS #channel {ON or OFF} [tbb [min [percent] ] ]
KICK COLORS #channel {ON or OFF} [tbb]
KICK FLOOD #channel {ON or OFF} [tbb [ln [secs] ] ]
KICK ITALICS #channel {ON or OFF} [tbb]
KICK REPEAT #channel {ON or OFF} [tbb [num] ]
KICK REVERSES #channel {ON or OFF} [tbb]
KICK UNDERLINES #channel {ON or OFF} [tbb]
bs_set SET Configures bot options SET options



Provided Commands Description Syntax
ms_cancel CANCEL Cancel the last memo you sent
ms_check CHECK Checks if last memo to a nick was read
ms_del DEL Delete a memo or memos
ms_ignore IGNORE Manage the memo ignore list
ms_info INFO Displays information about your memos
ms_list LIST List your memos
ms_read READ Read a memo or memos
ms_rsend RSEND Sends a memo and requests a read receipt SEND [nick / channel] memo-text
ms_send SEND Send a memo to a nick or channel
ms_sendall SENDALL Send a memo to all registered users
ms_set SET Set options related to memos
ms_staff STAFF Send a memo to all opers/admins



Provided Commands Description Syntax
hs_del DEL Delete the vhost of another user
DELALL Delete the vhost for all nicks in a group
hs_group GROUP Syncs the vhost for all nicks in a group
hs_list LIST Displays one or more vhost entries
hs_off OFF Deactivates your assigned vhost
hs_on ON Activates your assigned vhost
hs_request ACTIVATE Approve the requested vHost of a user
REJECT Reject the requested vHost of a user
REQUEST Request a vHost for your nick
WAITING Retrieves the vhost requests
hs_set SET Set the vhost of another user
SETALL Set the vhost for all nicks in a group



Provided Commands Description Syntax
os_akill Manipulate the AKILL list
os_chankill AKILL all users on a specific channel
os_config View and change configuration file settings
os_defcon Manipulate the DefCon system
os_dns Manuipulate the DNS Server
os_forbid Forbid usage of nicknames, channels, and emails
os_ignore Modify the Services ignore list
os_info Associate oper info with a nick or channel
os_jupe "Jupiter" a server
os_kick Kick a user from a channel
os_kill Kill a user
os_list List all users or channels on the network
os_login Login to OperServ
os_logsearch Searches logs for a matching pattern
os_mode Change channel modes
os_modinfo Info about a loaded module
os_module Load or Unload modules
os_news Define messages to be shown to users who oper
os_noop Remove all operators from a server remotely
os_oline Give Operflags to a certain user
os_oper View and change Services Operators
os_reload Reload services' configuration file
os_session View the list of host sessions
os_set Set various global Services options
os_shutdown Terminate services with save
os_stats Show status of Services and networ
os_svs Forcibly alter user's nick/channel
os_sxline Manipulate the SxLINE list
os_update Force the Services databases to be updated immediately



Service Description
NickServ NickServ Nickname registration service
ChanServ ChanServ Channel registration service
BotServ BotServ Bot management service
MemoServ MemoServ Memo management service
HostServ HostServ vHost management service
OperServ OperServ Ircop assistant service






enc_md5 One-way encryption MD5
enc_none For plain text passwords
enc_old Database compatibility with broken MD5 passwords prior anope 1.7.17
enc_sha1 One-way encryption SHA1
enc_sha256 One-way encryption SHA256 with random initialization vector


Extra Modules

Stats Modules